Windows 7 - Busy Program Collapses or Auto-Minimizes Under Load (Fix)

Symptom: In Windows 7 environment,  a legacy software under load will disappear (lose focus, ghost out, minimize) while busy

Problem: Windows 7 requires software to communicate continually with the OS as to status. If busy, a legacy software will appear to Windows 7 as "NOT RESPONDING" and the OS will drop the window to the background and append (NOT RESPONDING) to the title bar.

This is a new feature in Windows 7 going forward, but results in erratic behavior in legacy software.


1) Install Microsoft Applications Compatibility Toolkit

2) Follow instructions here.


-Your windows Cursor may display erratic behavior as Windows redraws the page instead of ghosting the app.

-The legacy software, if it actually becomes non-responsive, will need to be closed with Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DELETE).


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11 APR 2013