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Stock The entire PHOTOSPORT stock library is at your disposal for editorial use. You may browse images at any time using our online catalog. Also, you can ask the librarian to research photos which do not appear in the catalog.

How to get them:  Hit the BROWSE button on the PHOTOSPORT website to access the library.

Advertising Photos                        The editorial (game action) photos in our online catalog are not available for commercial or marketing purposes for reasons detailed in our Terms. Therefore, PHOTOSPORT maintains a library of model-released sports action images for your commercial and advertising needs. We also design and shoot photos to your specifications using professional sports models.

Sports models are individuals whose appearances have been enhanced by years of strenuous experience in sport. Your company can benefit from the positive impression and energy associated with the fitness level and attractiveness of this type of model, when photographed by our highly experienced photographers. To be quite frank, it is a mistake to source this work to non-specialists. Companies that do this waste considerable amounts while potentially compromising their image. Another common mistake is to buy cheap "royalty-free" images -  where unscrupulous photo libraries sell the same image over and over, making for potentially embarrasing publicity gaffes. Just look through any Yellow Pages to see this error.

The models' talent and experience brings realism to our photos, which can range from simple set-up shots to pure action. You can choose from a wide variety of models with a range of looks and ethnicities to best suit your message.

How to get them: Contact us by email or phone for an instant, no-obligation quote. All commercial photos sold by PHOTOSPORT include appropriate releases.

Commission an Event             You can ensure an event is covered by contacting PHOTOSPORT prior to the event. Additionally, you can secure exclusive rights to images from an event, thus ensuring your competition will not have access to the same images you do. Our professional staff is always ready to cover events anywhere you need us.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to email, call 619-861-7979, or FAX 978-285-8582.

05 DEC 2006

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