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PHOTOSPORT has implemented these kinesthetic search expressions in order to assist finding specific images.

These somewhat vague acronyms are used to reduce confusion with common English words.

Kinesthetic Search Terms
TLA Term Type Modifiers
ABK Angular knee structure BS
ABS Angular Body Structure Type
ADD Adductor MS
AFT Ankles, feet & toes BS
ARM Upper arm, toned MS VAS
BLY Belly, flat, no abs MS
BST Thigh, side aspect MS HQD
CAL Calves MS
CAP Shoulders (Delts) MS STR, VAS
CBK Structured knee BS
CNS Collarbone, neck & shoulders BS
CRT Neck pulse --
DEP Hamstring muscles MS
FIG Definition of the back MS
FRM Forearm curl, brachioradialis MS
FTM Thigh, front aspect MS
GSK Knee with natural hyperextension BS
HFT Tricep, undefined MS
HHT 'H' Height, or length of shinbone BS
HID Back of thighs and rump --
HMS Hamstring tendon structure MS
INR The curve of the inner thigh MS
LKM The roll of muscle over the knee MS
OQL Outer quad line MS
PAT Patella and tendon BS
PCC Pointed calves, side aspect MS
PLV Pelvis structure, taken together with waist BS
RBD Lean buttocks MS
RCM Leg bicep MS
RTT Upper arm, rear aspect MS
SBB Breasts, displaced --
STM Quads (striated) MS
STR Striations (definition) general modifier -- mod
TLF Muscles, structure and length of the neck --
TTM Quads (seated aspect) MS
VAS Vascularity modifier -- mod

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