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rcdama01.jpg         D'Amato at '96 Republican Convention, San Diego, Calif.

rcdorn01.jpg          Rep. Bob Dornan with fanatic supporter.

rcgram01.jpg         Sen. Phil Gramm.

rclund01.jpg          Calif. Atty. General Dan Lundgren.

rclund02.jpg          Calif. Atty. General Dan Lundgren.

rclund03.jpg          Calif. Atty. General Dan Lundgren.

rclund04.jpg          Calif. Atty. General Dan Lundgren, with wife.

rcreag01.jpg          Conservative radio commentator Mike Reagan

rcrobe01.jpg          Pat Robertson.

rcthom01.jpg         Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson.

rcthom02.jpg         Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson.

rcthur01.jpg          Strom Thurmond.

rcclar01.jpg           Moderate columnist Clarence Page with Tom Engelhorn.

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27 MAR 1999

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