Nikon Scan 'Multiple Tool Palette Bug' Workaround

Symptom: In Windows environment, Tool Palette crashes, multiple tool palettes appear, or tool palette disappears altogether in Nikon Scan 4

Associated with moving the saved image folder, or suspending/resume Windows during batch scanning. One user reported 1,024 tool palettes after remounting a USB 2.0 disk (USB 2.0 disk unsafe removal dialog box had appeared on resume from suspend). Complete reinstall required.


1) Uninstall Nikon Scan

2) Reboot

3) START> SEARCH or FIND> "nikon" on Drive C. Delete folders pertaining to Nikon Scan 4. The unzipped folder NS4, if it exists, can remain, as it is needed for re-install.

4) START> RUN> "regedit" & delete software>microsoft>windows>nikon folder

5) Reboot

6) Re-install Nikon Scan IV

7) Apply Patch 4.0.2 (or most recent)


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14 JUL 2004