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Photos 01-18


glam0101.jpg      Jumping a dune, Glamis Sand Dunes, 1995.

glam0102.jpg      Jumping a dune, Glamis, 1995.

glam0103.jpg      Jumping a dune, Glamis, 1995.

glam0201.jpg      Sun goes down on a camp in the flats, Glamis, 1986.

glam0202.jpg      Scott Musselwhite jumps the Osborne Road in shorts and sneakers, Glamis, 1988.

glam0203.jpg      Scott Musselwhite tries a large double (comes up short), Glamis, 1990.

glam0204.jpg      Bald Billy's Bowl (known to some as Gravity), Glamis, 1987.

glam0205.jpg      Bald Billy's Bowl, Glamis, 1987.

glam0206.jpg      Bald Billy's Bowl, Glamis, 1987.

glam0207.jpg      "Stock" Kawasaki Tecate showing modification: 500cc motor.

glam0208.jpg      Mark Meier rides a Kawasaki, 1986.

glam0209.jpg      Dennis Sparkman getting his Toyota stuck on top of Competition Hill, 1986.

glam0210.jpg      Tom Engelhorn circulates in Bald Billy's Bowl, Glamis, 1993.

glam0211.jpg      Scott Musselwhite roosts someone for unknown reasons, 1986.

glam0212.jpg      Halfbreed buried under sand for unspecified affront, 1986.

glam0213.jpg      Halfbreed buried under sand for unspecified affront, 1986.

glam0214.jpg      Horrifying aftermath of (nearly) unprovoked attack on Halfbreed. It's tough out there, sometimes. 1986.

glam0215.jpg      State of the art (1987): Mojave quad and Tecate three-wheeler.


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28 JAN 1999

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