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womens exercise photos


tred0110.tif      Treadmill workout, Dec. 1998.

tred0111.tif      Treadmill workout, Dec. 1998.

tred0112.tif      Treadmill workout, Dec. 1998.

tred0113.tif      Treadmill workout, Dec. 1998.

tred0114.tif      Treadmill workout, Dec. 1998.

calv0101.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

calv0102.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

calv0103.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

calv0104.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

calv0105.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

calv0106.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

calv0107.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

calv0108.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

calv0109.tif      Calf raises, Dec. 1998.

latp0101.tif      Lat pulls, Dec. 1998.

latp0102.tif      Lat pulls, Dec. 1998.

latp0103.tif      Lat pulls, Dec. 1998.

latp0104.tif      Lat pulls, Dec. 1998.

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09 JAN 1999

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