Recommended Minimum Equipment

PHOTOSPORT Equipment Recomendations

Camera Bodies

Nikon or Canon Only

12mp Minimum Resolution

Greater than 15mp crop cameras made before 2010 not recommended in any 1.5 or 1.6 crop factor camera due to high noise and reduced image quality at mid to high ISO.


Canon System

Minimum: EOS 50D

Recommended: EOS 1D Mark IV, X

Alternatively: EOS 5D Mark II, II and 1DS Series are recommended for Studio, Golf, Tennis and Strobed Arena Action.

NOT RECOMMENDED: Canon EOS 7D. After extensive testing, we have found these bodies have inadequate autofocus response for sports. They are not recommended for recording fast movement.

Canon Lenses: L-series lenses required. Using Image Stabilization (IS) is recommended by Canon to improve autofocus response, but we have not verified in testing yet for any advantage versus battery drain.


Nikon System

Minimum: D300, D300s or D700 (Note: the D300 is preferred to the D300s). (Note: Use the D300 with a D-series battery and adapter for maximal frame rate).

Recommended: D3 (Note: This is a full frame camera and requires larger lenses than the Canon 1 series which have a 1.3x crop factor telephoto advantage.

Nikon Lenses: (AF-S lenses or newer ONLY.).



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