Founded in 1981 by Paul C. Martinez, PHOTOSPORT specializes in international sports coverage. Our photographers have covered some of the iconic events in sports, including the soccer World Cup, the last five NFL Super Bowls of American football, the most recent Olympic Games, and important NCAA college bowl games. These images are made available to our base of media clients, including newspapers, magazines and websites, via direct transmission of pictures from the event, and later distribution through our online image catalog.

A brief history:

In 1996 PHOTOSPORT acquired the properties of the Southwest News Syndicate. PHOTOSPORT continues to accumulate libraries that match our client's needs.

On January 7, 1998, PHOTOSPORT opened the photosport.com web-based catalog, becoming one of the first photo libraries, if not the very first, to make images available through the Web.

On July 4, 2000, PHOTOSPORT was granted trademark status by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. (U.S. Pat. Off. No. 2,363,913.)

All our photographers are sports specialists; some specialize in one specific sport. We have specialists in football, boxing, gymnastics, tennis, motorcycle racing, and soccer. Specialists bring deep knowledge of the game, as well as contacts and connections within the sport.

In addition to covering sports action, PHOTOSPORT now produces sports-related promotional images to order, for advertiser and product packaging use. With our large pool of experienced athlete-models in a wide spectrum of sports and running the gamut from the highly attractive to the highly skilled, we can provide real sports action that reflects the energy and quality of the sponsor's products -- images unencumbered by league licensing hassles and fully owned by the client, a PHOTOSPORT exclusive service. Our agent contacts, selection of venues and large sports equipment inventory gives clients a fast, economical solution for any sporting-themed marketing. Our most recent clients include Yahoo!(r), Visa(sm), PowerBar(r), Sanford(r), and Rawlings(r).

The PHOTOSPORT catalog, including the newly-opened Vintage Library, comprises more than 500,000 quality sporting images with more added on a daily basis. Images include game action and model-released, royalty-free images. PHOTOSPORT has offices in New York and L.A., with local photographers in Miami, San Diego, Detroit, and many places around the world.

Location Name Position Specialty
California Dan Gluskoter Managing Editor Boxing, Baseball
California Paul Martinez Editor Football, Tennis, Soccer
NYC Kris Balgaard Photographer Tennis
Detroit Peter Schlitt Photographer Football
Miami Matt Dunn Photographer Tennis
Johannesburg, South Africa Grant Duncan Smith Photographer Rugby, Cricket
Toronto Jeremy Surette Photographer Motocross
Melbourne Michael Oakes Photographer Auto Racing
London Guy Cope Photographer Superbikes & Moto GP
London Andy May Photographer Velo
Barcelona Joan Rodriguez Photographer MotoGP, soccer
Rio de Janeiro Leonardo Cavallo Photographer Soccer


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